Acer aspire one d250 wifi problem

hi i have a acer aspire one d250 since a few days the wireless is giving me problems. it keeps swithcing on and off on its own . i updatde the driver and bios both but still the problem persists .

i wanted to ask that while updatign the driver i got multiple options for wifi category atheos broadcom and intel . should i update all 3
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  1. Atheros, Broadcomm, Intel are rival brands of wireless adapter. If you're not sure which driver got loaded, find out which model of wireless chipset your laptop has and download the correct driver for that (if necessary from the maker's site not Acer's).
  2. i have the same model and the same probem since a coupel of months , i tried contacting acer and they say its hardware nto software but i don agree cause my wireless works jus fine and on some days it dosent misbehave

    i updated teh bios and the driver from the atheos site but still no diffrence
  3. You say the wireless adapter switches on and off of its own accord. Is it possible that actually the wireless signal is just failing intermittently due to reception/interference issues.

    I would start by connecting the computer to router by ethernet cable and check that the incoming internet and the router are okay. If that's okay move on to wireless testing.

    Try switching off wireless security in the router temporarily.

    Experiment with different wireless channels and see if reception improves.

    If you can detect neighbouring wifi networks -- choose a channel five stops away from the strongest neighbour.
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