Is it worth it?!?!

Ok so this i feel is somewhat compulsive of me, but ohh well. So i just happen to be looking through newegg checking out prices, when i stumbled across, this 470 from evga which is only 330 plus a free copy of just cause 2, now i'd be thinking of upgrading my video card in the near future, but even at this lower price would it be worth upgrading from a gtx 275 ftw by evga as well, I usually have it clocked at 732 1609 and 1307 opinions are very much welcome
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  1. 1. the only person who can answer your question is you
    2. from your specs, unless you are gaming at 2560 x 1600, you should be good till the next generation of cards.
  2. your probably right on both counts
  3. don't waste your money, stay with your current card... :)
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