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Ok, I've seen the i7-920 being used in almost all test configs here at Tom's hardware, and also some pretty good reviews of it all over the site. So I was about to buy one when I realized that newegg no longer sells it but instead it has the i7-930 which is higher clocked for the same price, clocked at 2.8 ghz and at $284. Out of curiosity I searched for a higher number and found the i7-950, clocked at 3.06 ghz and at $299, then I searched for a higher number and found the i7-960 clocked at 3.2 ghz but at a $550, WHY IS THERE SUCH A HIGH PRICE JUMP, does it have a new feature I'm not aware off?

How does the 260 mhz increase from i7-930 to i7-950 increases the price by $15, but the 140 mhz increase from the i7-950 to the i7-960 increases the price by $250
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  1. the 950 came down in price recently it was near the 500 mark a few months ago
  2. Intel's always had a fairly large price jump between the lower end and middle models in the i7-9xx series. When they were first launched, the 920 was $250-300, and the 940 was $500. Later, the 950 came out and replaced the 940, again at $500ish. Now, the 960 is available, and it has taken the place of the 950 (which isn't gone, but it has dropped in price since the 960 came out).
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