Unable to read data from Old HDD

Greetings. Noob question here. I apologize if it's been addressed elsewhere. I did my best to search for the same problem. Anyhow, the motherboard in my HP Pavilion failed and it was unable to recognize any drives in it. Tried hard-resetting the BIOS plus all other boilerplate recipes but no luck. So, I removed my 1 TB SATA WD HDD, put it in a USB enclosure and plugged into another Win 7 computer. New computer tells me that my data is there (about 950 GB's worth), but when I click on the data directory, I can see no data (it appears I have zero folders in there). I am currently running a scan on the data directory to see if I can detect any file system errors (this will likely take hours). Any clues as to what may be causing this problem?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. OK, problem solved. I apologize for the panicky tone of my message. I just was not patient enough to wait for all of my files to be recognized and indexed by my other computer. Since i almost have 1 TB of data, it just takes a long time for them to be accessed and displayed.
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