Gigabyte Hybrid Crossfire

I have the following hardware

Gigabyte MA780-UD3H
HIS 4870
XFX 4550

The board says its Hybrid cross fire capible, was wondering if all these together would do the trick.
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  1. I don't see how crossfiring a 4870 with a 4550 is going to gain you anything. The 4550 is about 10 times slower that the 4870, if anything, its only going to hinder the performance of the 4870.
  2. You can't crossfire a card from a different tier denoted by the second number.

    The 4870 for example can only crossfire with a 48xx card, this rule applies accross all ATI cards.

    If you do crossfire, the faster card would down clock to match the slower card so using crossfire on identical cards is recommended to get the most out of your money.
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