Is This Head phones any good?

HI, I just got this New head phones for 63 buxs and they gave me a $10 buxs discount. Im not really sure if i like this or not. dont get me wrong it sounds really good and sounds like it's 5.1 but playing music the bass is sounds so weird. it sounds like the speakers are about 2 blow. i not sure if you know what i mean. the head set i got is called Sound sorurce from Manhattan.

the specs are

Radio Freguency Tehnology line off sight with recover not required.
Effective range up 2 100 meters 360 degrees
20-20,000 hz freguency response
self adjusting inner headband for perfect fit
quickly connects 2 audio output of pc's tv's vcr'etc

thats the basic it's wireless so im not sure if there is better out there. for less then i paid for. im not really happy with the bass sence it sounds very weird. i even mest with the sound settings and it sill doing the same.

so if anyone know any better out there. then what i got please reply so i can send this peace of junk back and get my money back. please note. please reply with in 7 days thats how long i have 2 send it back.

What im really looking for is wireless or wireed headset that is perfect for games, music and watching movies. im willing 2 spend more then what i paid for if it's better then what i got. thanks.

Thanks in advance

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  1. If you are not 100% happy you *should* send it back. Make sure it isn't your sound card first by testing your headphones with something else.

    I am big fan of Koss headphones, and you don't have to go into professional series to get really good sound and solid base. Lifetime warranty also a solid plus - if you ever break yours, they fix it for s&h, no questions asked.

    These are all you will ever need out of headphones without active sound dampening - Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones

    I use these and they are comparable to my 5.1 sound system 9/10 times.... but I plug them into my receiver and not directly into PC. I also broke them twice last 4 years and got them fixed (they actually send you new ones) every time.

    You are also better off asking your question at the sound board, this one is mainly PC builds.
  2. In my experience 5.1 headphones tend to lack in overall sound quality. If you wanna stay wireless you may have to spend a little bit more. Turtle beach makes a nice stereo set for the x360 that will work for the pc. They go for about 100 bucks.
  3. My logitech g35's sound great.

    The weird sound you are hearing is probably distortion. Or clipping. Google both and learn.
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