Upgrading Inspiron 530 from Integrated Graphics, Quad-core, $75 budget

So I have a Dell Inspiron 530. It's running on integrated graphics, which are not cutting it for me. But I still want to stay below $75.
It has a pci-e x16 slot. And I've been looking at some 2.0 cards.
I have an intel quad core 2.33. The Q8200. 4 gigs of ram, probably ddr2, whatever dell gave me, and a 350 watt psu, I think.
Normal case fans, the cpu fan, and 2 fans in the back of the case, it's pretty roomy in the case... Also, I am running 1400x1050 resolution, it's funny, but it's all my monitor does.
I'm looking at possibly:

For the 4670, I heard the extra memory isn't really needed, and it uses more power. My first choice would be the 512mb 4670, would that work with my computer? I have only one pci-e x16 slot, and a pci-e x1, which I'm guessing will be covered up by a fat card in the x16 slot. I also don't really need to overclock the card, I'm just looking for the best card that'll fit my computer and budget, and not burn out my psu while I'm at it. It doesn't have to be Radeon or Nvidia, my friend has a 1gb 4650 on a 300 watt psu, so I figured I could follow him a little bit.
Will my case get too hot with a card and lower the life of my computer as a whole? Do I need more specs? Thanks!
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    the 4670 512 mb will work fine for you, the card itself is too slow to use 1GB of RAM plus most of the 1GB cards come with the slower DDR2 RAM. i don't believe it will cover up your x1 slot, the cooler looks fairly low on the board. heat and power wont be an issue.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm glad to hear that it should all work out.
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