Order ready, need confirmation of compatiability! Urgent!

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  1. Have you checked Craigslist/Ebay? You might be better off buying used. Especially memory. Ugh.

    Regardless of cost of your system do not cheapen out on your ram. If you can't afford DDR3, go with DDR2 solution - performance difference isn't that significant.

    Solid DDR2-based system >>>> Value/Crap DDR3 system.
  2. You can get name brand RAM for maybe $10 more on Newegg or Tigerdirect. I actually bought 2x2GB of Corsair DDR3 RAM for $75 (after a mail-in rebate). I think the higher quality parts are definitely worth searching for.
  3. alex, newegg and tigerdirect aren't in europe sorry
  4. that's unfortunate. i'm sure there are sites with equivalent deals for europe though, right?
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