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Hello Everybody,

since a year of 2 i've got a Samsung extern harddrive: Model:HD155UI
HDD P/N HD155UIVP4 > 1.5 TB

Everything was all the time ok ..until yesterday..i have used it normall it was not fallen or damaged on a other way.. i closed my laptop for dinner..after finnishing i want to use my laptop and my harddisk. But than i got some problems.. :ouch:

The Harddisk seems to be dead :cry: ..the laptop doesn't reconize it anymore. But i think there is more.
normally when you put the power adapter in your device starts or the led light is flashing. You can hear that it starts there happens nothing, No light no sound nothing..

How is that possible one hour before ,,everything was ok..after one hour,,nothing happenend

hope someone can help me..Got many photo's on it..

Thanks for reading :hello:

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  1. adapter?
  2. The model # listed refers to an Internal SATA drive on the Samsung web site.
    Is there a different model # or a Model # for an enclosed external drive package, or is this a HDD you placed in an adapter?
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