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helo i'm looking to build a minecraft sever. and what i need to know is how to make my pc into a server.
my specs r amd athalon dule core 2.7gh , 8gb of ddr2 pc 6400, and 2 1tb hdds and dule booting xp pro 32bit and win 7 ultimate 64 bit
i have the games server software but, not sure as how make it into a server for the game. i would like to be able to have friends connect to it from there placeses and connect to my server.
i am using a wireless router and wireless recever. and please tell me in detail how to do this.
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  1. ok but what about how to get an ip? i know dhcp wont work becuase i have tried it with other servers
  2. You will have to set your computer to a static ip and then open the relevant game ports to receive ingoing and outgoing connections manually in your router.
    If your going to have it up for more than a week or two I would suggest you ring your ISP and ask for them to switch you to a static IP (costs about $5 a month generally)

    Basically your ISP randomly changes your IP every so often, if its not static after a certain period of time people cant connect to your server.

    Setting a static IP in your computer is also a must when you forward your port number within your router. Your computers default config will randomly aquire a new IP for access to your wireless network every 3 or 4 days, once it changes your router is still forwarding that port to your old computer IP and noone can connect to your server.

    Sounds rather complicated but once youve done it once you will know it off the back of your head from then on. Your first time might take you 2 hours, next time it will take you about 3 mins :)

    This site will help you with both processes www.portforward.com

    Your games not in their list but as long as you know which ports you need to open for your server the procedures the same for any game. Its the individual routers that can be different and their definitely all there.

    Generally home servers dont perform to well due to upload speed restrictions placed by your isp. (thats how they make big bucks charging for upload speeds)
    It all depends on the games bandwith usage, some work well, some dont work at all.

    Saying that I dont know what sort of upload bandwith that game uses but you should look into this before you get to far involved.
  3. Just did a google for you, the only port you have to open for your server is 25565

    Good Luck.
  4. It is against some isp's ToS to run a server at home, and they will prevent it. If your not sure ask.
  5. Daship makes a point, i will ask my isp before proceding with the server.
    will update u with what i find out. and thanks for the info tonkatuffmofo.
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