Possible new system old hard drive incompatibility

I just built a new budget system for my nephew as he wants to get away from console gaming and into pc. The problem I am running into is everytime i boot up I get the bootmgr is missing error which is expected with an old windows instal for another comp, but whenever i try to do a full clean win 7 x64 reinstall I get either an error at about 97% on expanding windows file or a bsod. Every other component seems to be working fine. It recognizes the mobo/processor and memory on startup. It boots up on the graphics card np and has sufficient power (700w cooler master psu). I have even recently tried to use another older sata drive thats slightly older than the first one i tried and the comp recognizes it but doesnt view it as a compatible drive for a win 7 install. I know thats weird because I have a sister drive to it that is running win 7 x64.

Current specs are,

mobo: gigabyte m68mt-s2p
cpu: amd x4 955 quad core
memory: corsair xms 3 4gb
gpu: msi radeon r7770 1gb
hd im trying: wd cavier se16-wd6400aaks (old sata drive out of a stock gateway)

My issue is Im thinking its just the old sata drive isnt fully compatible with the new mobo, but thought id get some feedback before I order a new sata 3gb/s hd.

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  1. I don't think that should be a problem. I have an older gigabyte board (EP45-UD3R) and up until last weeek I was booting win7 x64 ultimate from an even older drive, a WD2500KS (250GB) which was the previous version to the WD2500AAKS. The KS series was a generation older than the AAKS series. Id run a full chkdsk against it.

    chkdsl x: /f /r

    subtitute X for your drive letter. You might also want to run WD's Data Lifeguard tools and run a scan of the drive.
  2. Cant boot it up to run a chkdsk. Closest thing I can do is a disk repair from a boot disc but that doesnt work because it cant find the previous windows install. I might just pull it all back apart and put it back together to make sure everything is installed correctly. I just cant think of what else the problem might be other than the hd.
  3. Do you have another PC or possibly borrow a friends PC? Just install the drive as a secondary drive, then run the disk checking utilities against them.
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