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Freezing during Bad Company 2

While playing bad company 2 my computer freezes up and the game crashes . Sometimes it resets , sometimes it allows me back to windows only to have my graphics messed up until i manually reset . I posted something about this before and a guy replied and said to test my video cards out and i did and found out that one of them was giving me artifacts when i used it by itself. So i got rid of that 4850 and used the other one for awhile without playing BC2 until i upgraded to a 5850 ... And the problem still remains. Any ideas?

Spec: Amd Phenom ll 940m 3.0( overclocked to 3.4 with no voltage change , I've tried it on stock speeds with the same results)
2 Ati 4850's in Crossfire ( replaced them with a 5850 , because one of them was bad)
4 gig's of memory ( I've run memtest on them with no errors)
Corsair 750 watt power supply
Creative xtremegamer fatality pci sound card
Vista 64 premium( Clean install , fully updated)
WD 500 Gb black hard drive
CoolerMaster case with alot of fans
Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H motherboard

I've used Hardware Monitor to check my temperatures and they seem to be fine . Any input would be greatly appreciated because i'm really ticked off at this .
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    if this only happens on BC2 (all other games are fine) then I suggest you check the BC2 tech forum since its a game issue rather then hardware.
  2. Check if you have drivers and BFBC2 installed properly.

    What kind of artifacts are you getting? Random squares? or weird colors?
  3. I was getting artifacts ( little black boxes all over the screen while just idleing in windows , and every few minutes it would pop up a message saying that the gpu had encountered a problem and had recovered . around 40c maybe .
  4. What temps is your card at full load? From my experience, artifacts are usually a heat issue.
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