Mobo - 775 with SLI

Hey guys, i currently have an asus P5P43TD mobo with an Intel Core 2 quad. I use DDR3 1333MHz RAM with an Nvidia GeForce 480 GTX (got it from a teacher from school for cheap). I am looking to get the second card my teacher has, but i don't have an extra PCI x16 slot or SLI. I am not looking to upgrade my CPU since it is nearly brand new. So what I am looking for exactly is:

1. LGA 775 Socket
3. 2x PCI 2.0
4. SLI Ready
5. Under $250

The only boards that i've seen so far cannot be ordered from mainstream sites like tigerdirect and newegg.
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  1. hey badge, the link you gave me isn't working, what motherboard is it?
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