[Buying] Is there such a thing as reliable anymore?

It seems since the floods in Thailand that traditional platter HDDs aren't anywhere near as good as they used to be.

I'm in need of a solid HDD 2tb preferably for my Media drive. (Video and Audio).
WD and Seagate seem like crap. Then I find out that Seagate bought Samsung. So my top 3 choices are not performing well.

Is there any specific models anyone can recommend?

My only requirements are:
Sata 2 or 3
32mb or more Cache
2tb or more
Long Life, It needs to last 2 or 3 years until 1tb/2tb SSDs are more affordable.

I already have 2 SSDs in my rig, a 60gig for OS and 90gb for Steam Games. I used my existing 1tb HDD for everything else, but it is showing its age of being 3 years old and being pulled out of an usb cage and being treated pretty rough. I plan on buying something like a 256gb SSD for backups of pictures and important docs in the near future. (Possibly Black Friday) But buying a new platter drive cant wait.
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  1. What do you mean, WD and Seagate seem like crap?
  2. WD and Seagate are probably the best choises available for mechanical drives!
  3. ^Hence my question...
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