Corsair Force 3 SSD sata2 speed on sata3? 3 ?'s

I'm not sure I'm getting the full performance of my SSD. I am wondering if my system is the bottleneck, if I have to change some setting, or if it's my SATA 3 controller causing problems somehow.

I recently purchased and installed a Corsair 240GB Force 3 SSD to be my new games drive. The drive specs state that it has a max sequential read of 550 MB/s and write of 520 MB/s. However HD Tune benchmark says my max transfer rate is 302.6 MB/s.

I also have had a Corsair Performance 3 SSD for my OS/Programs since I built this rig. This drive is stated to run up to 365MB/s read. HD Tune is giving me a max transfer rate of 283.5 on this drive.

Now I know that the Performance 3 uses the Marvell controller and have heard that they aren't the best. From what I've read about the Force 3 series though, the "High performance SandForce SF-2200 SSD controller" is supposed to have great performance. I guess I don't even really know what the controllers do. I'm not sure if somehow the Force 3 is using the Marvell controller and its slowing it down.

I have both SSDs connected to SATA 3 ports on my MB, the Bios sees them as SATA 3 compatible, and SATA 3 is switched on. AHCI mode is also activated.

Is there some setting I'm missing, some way to switch from the marvell controller to the SandForce?
Can I even have a setup where one SSD is on a Marvell SATA3 controller and another is on the SandForce?
Can I get the rated speeds out of these SSD drives with my current hardware configuration?

My current rig is

ASUS Rampage iii Formula Motherboard
Intel i7 960 @ 3.2 GHz stock
Corsair H70 cooler
12GB of Corsair Dominator RAM
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  1. curious, speed slow-downs like this are typically from not being in AHCI or RAID mode, but I see you already have that set.

    My next suspect would be the mobo. Being a first gen SATA3 board I would suggest (hesitantly) to update your firmware and see if that helps things.

    Keep in mind also that you will never see actuial throughput of 550MB/s per drive. That is using ATTO which scores SSDs higher than most benchmarks, but at the same time you should be getting much higher than 300 for your max. I would imagine you should be able to at least get somewhere in the upper 400MB/s range.

    Also, those are not SATA2 speeds. My wife's system is SATA2, with a Vertex3 SSD in it, and hers caps out just under 200MB/s, so you can rest assured that you are not having an issue on that front.
  2. The problem is your Marvell Controller, he is no able to deliver more performance. It could be better to connect your SSD to the ICH10 Controller, due to better IO performance, compared to the Marvell Controller.
    Your problem often happens to Core i7-9xx users who had no native SATA3 controllers.
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