Do i need an i7?

Hello, my pc went boom so time for another 1. im looking at an i7 build from pc my main uses are wowplaying music and watching 720 video content. im not that computer savvy and was wondering if i really need a quad core? ty in advance
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  1. Wow doesnt't require a quad core; money is better spend on a good video card for when you are raiding.
  2. Well the I7 is overkill for WoW. I have a:

    Windows 7
    Intel Pentium D 945
    3GB RAM
    Geforce 9600GT
    1TB HDD
    500Watt PSU

    And with a 4+ year old Higher End CPU (At the time) and a 2-3 year old medium class GPU i can max out the graphics in WoW. I do have to turn it down in raids and the such, but other than that, I max it out and don't worry about it. And i can play 1080p videos online and on the computer without any stutters.

    An I7 is overkill let me see if i can give you what you might want...

    -AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2GHz OR and an Intel Core i5-750 (The I5 is just a tad more powerful) If you want to cheap out because both of these will destroy WoW/1080p video then I would go with the AMD Phenom II x3 720.

    AMD 955:

    Intel I5:

    AMD 720:

    Put the links in there for you to see what the price difference SHOULD be :).

    -ATI 5770 or a ATI 5850 (I have a friend with a 5850 and it decimates any game, the 5770 won't be quite that powerfull, but it will suit your needs)

    5770(I prefer XFX, there is a single stack at the bottom, if your going 5770 take it: (List)

    5850(Once again i prefer XFX):

    -4+GB RAM (I have 3GB and sometimes regret it)

    -WINDOWS 7 64 Bit!!! :P

    (Edit) On the video card, if i was ordering one, i would take the cheapest video card i could. Then when the computer came, i would switch out the bad video card to one of the ones i recomended. All you have to do is pull it out, place the new one in. Then boot up. Things will look weird, don't worry, log into windows. 7/Vista will take care of everything for you, just wait then restart when it asks you too and your good. XP and earlier are harder. You will have to go to the manufacuers website, download the driver and install. Then restart. Things should go good from there!

    Hope I helped, not confused! :lol:

  3. An i7 isn't about need. It's more about want :D. A modern AMD x3 or Intel i3 is all you need. Since you probably want it to last you a while though spend a little more on a decent system with an Intel i5 or AMD Phenom II X4 and at least a Radeon 5770.
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