Pci-e adapters that come with asus rog matrix 5870

I have a power supply with
1 6+2pin(8) pci-e connector and
1 6pin pci-e connector
judging from this video looks like
the adapters they send with the card take two 6pins to make 1 8 pin pci?
the adapters are shown at around 1:09 on the video

Do I need to just buy this instead? or will the adapters that come with work and if they do work how do you use them?
plug in my 8pin to one side and the other 6 pin into the 8 pin adapter?? reason im asking is because it looks like they want two pci-e 6 pins to make a 8 pin which is a little weird to me but 8pins are pretty much new to me anyways..

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  1. this is simple for anyone reading with a little know about 8pin adapters anybody?
  2. jezzus the guy on the phone said it would work lolz
  3. frys has a 6 to 6+2 pin adapter would that work?
  4. they have a adapter i could put on the 6 pin that would make it a 8 pin and then i would have my other 8 pin
  5. my motherboard has a molex that you plug in beside the pci-e slots that give the pci slots extra power would this not be enough with an adapter?

    biostar 790gx a3+
    shows it in the motherboard manual
  6. yes that was the whole point of buying the rog to overclock it, if I knew I was going to have this problem I would of just bought the gigabyte 5870 oc it uses two 6pins as power.. for a few bucks more ok so fine i'll have to upgrade my psu so I might as well upgrade it to where I could run a crossfire of these then...
    i'm trying to figure out how big of a psu i would need to oc two 5870s and it would have to have 4 8pin pci-e's
  7. ya i got the phenom 965 140w with a media card reader plugged in , a sata hd, cdrom/ thats about it but i might add a hd or two later so i better opt for a 850
  8. I called my local cpu shop and they were trying to sell me the same antec I got and said it had two 8 pin pci-e's on it lol, same model everything although I surely only see one 6+2 and one 6pin
  9. help me pick out a nice 850 w bud? I like that 800w one you got it looks sweet but a extra 50 w would be nice to have just incase i decide to oc my cpu too

    it would be nice if it was modular too because im using a antec 300
  10. how much bigger then the old psu i got are these guys?
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  12. thanks bud =)
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