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Hello I'm fairly new to the technical computer world. I am learning computer programming and web design, however I also want to learn about computers. CPU's, graphic's cards, memory,etc... Any ideas what to start learning and how to learn all of this?
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  1. ur in the right place, another good spot is youtube
  2. Oh I know. I meant like what part of this forum is tutorials and stuff like that. And what should I start learning first? CPU's? Graphic Cards? RAM? Memory? Cache?

    I mean what order of learning should I follow? I mean like if you wanna become a web developer you have to learn HTML before you can learn PHP or Javascript. That's what I mean.
  3. Well if I were you I would start by narrowing down what area of computers you want to learn first (i.e. how to build a gaming rig, network administration, enterprise computing.. and so on). Then I'd take a look at what articles are out there on those topics. Tom's is a great site. Anandtech is another good one and I'm sure there are hundreds of others.

    As far as learning about CPU vs. GPU vs. Motherboards vs. whatever, there isn't really a specific order to learn them in. I'd just get a general idea of what each part of a computer does and then work towards figuring out which pieces work best together.

    The only other advice I can think of is maybe pick a particular CPU socket to start with and learn about all the different hardware that might go into a system based on that build. That way you aren't trying to learn about every single piece of hardware out there at once. Right now I'd say that Intel's Socket 1366 is the cutting edge so maybe start there? (although it will soon be replaced when Intel releases their new architecture.)

  4. Read the articles here. Also visit these other sites


    And once you go through some of those you may want to stay up to date with


    and as for rumors

  5. Wikipedia has excellent information. Just look up computer and go from there. Branch off into what you find interesting or need to know at the time.
  6. By the time you choose components for and build your first computer, you will have pretty good handle on the nuts 'n bolts. Then just go with your interests.

    Case in point - here. Browse the forums and you will find that there's not a lot of crossover between the hardware and software forums.
  7. I'm looking throught the forums and it's sort of hard for me to learn things. There's no tutorials section and most of the threads are just bits of information which I don't understand, it's similar with the articles as well. Could anyone give me any pointers on where I can learn the basics, you know how to install motherboards, cpu's, gpu's, etc.. and whats compatible with what?
  8. ^seems you can't look yourself even after our suggestions of where to start so here are some direct links. You can just ignore the computer engineering jargon and specs (like pinouts etc):


    A couple tutorials. You can find a lot. Trust ones from the manufacturers like intel/AMD but double check/ read the comments of the ones from "normal" people.

    Start here but branch out by trying different related searches.

    One thing I do is if I don't know a word or about something I read on a forum is I immediately do a wikipedia search on it, then if I need more detail, I do a google search.
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