can i put serial-ata on intel 845pe?
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  1. Depends on the motherboard.
  2. That particular chipset has been around since 2002 and back then the only option one had was either ATA-100 or ATA-133. You may try a SiS Sata card for PCI but it may need to compatible with the MB specs. For example PCI-Express was not around back then.

    A system upgrade may be a viable option.
  3. ASRock P4i45PE+ has SATA and an intel 845PE. It depends on the motherboard, and most motherboards with an 845PE do not have SATA support.
  4. cbbocala said:
    can i put serial-ata on intel 845pe?

    If your particular motherboard has a sata port, then yes.
    If not, you can buy add on cards that have sata ports.
  5. Another option may be a SATA-to-IDE converter that plugs into either the motherboard or the drive.


    You need to make sure of the direction, ie you need to obtain an adapter that connects a SATA drive to an IDE motherboard, not one that connects an IDE drive to a SATA motherboard.
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