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What connection are you using?
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  1. So currently I am still having problems with my resolution and video card. I am using an ASUS HD4830 and a BenQ E2200HD monitor 22". My monitor will not support 1920x1080 with my ATi card, but with my 8600 GT, it can. The error says (on the monitor) "Out of Range" which I am guessing it means that the hertz is incorrect. When I try to set it on 1920x1080, it says Out of Range. The default hertz set on the ATi card is 25, and will go up as high as 30, but no 60 hz (whereas my current resolution 1600x1200 has 60hz currently enabled). Help me!

    I have the up to date drivers (10.6 from ATi) and DriverSweeper has not helped me.
  2. Connection? I believe DVI. Info of my monitor here:
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