Gigabyte UD7 help, facing a big big big big problem!!

I recently got components for my rig that include Gigabyte P67UD7. Soon after i faced some cooling issues but those were solved and i was adviced to use Noctua NH-D14 to cool my OC'ed cpu

but now the problem is

i will be SLI'ing 560 Ti on my board but the first PCI-e slot is too close to cpu heatsink and i think i wont be able to place my 560 Ti in that slot.. :(

are there any suggestions?? i need some serious help.....

and yeah i got a question.... please make me clear (lol now i am going to make fun of myself asking this question)

what is the difference between 8x and 16x???
which config for sli /cf is better a 16x-16x or 8x-8x??

, what i know is 16x is better than 8x and thats why i choose ud7 because even after SLI'ing 560 Ti i will be running both on 16x and as far as i know most sandy bridge based motherboard's pci-e slots shares their bandwith and i heard that if the another pci-e slot (other than pre-occupied one) is used then both slot will run at 8x.

but this was not the case with ud7, and now since i am having the issue of using noctua on ud7 as the first pci-e(16x) slot is deadly close to the cpu heatsink then i want some solution.......

Please is anyone there to help me ..??? need some suggestions..
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  1. There is no significant performance drop while going from a 16X/16X config to a 8X/8X config (max a 2~3 fps drop depending on game and card).. You should not face much difference using a couple of 560 Ti's though..
  2. Hi there,

    It is unusual to purchase such a nice high end sandy bridge motherboard with lots of great features, but shoot yourself in the foot by using an air cooler that covers up both a set of RAM slots and as you said, the 1st PCI-E x1 slot and possibly prevent placing your 1st video card in the PCI-E x16 slot.

    Other choices that would work for cooling, so that you didn't compromise other features, would be to use the Intel XTS1100H CPU cooler which fits exactly in the engineered cooler space without overlapping either the RAM or PCI-E slots, or possible the Corsair H50 or H70 all in one water cooler systems that replaces the 120 mm posterior fan and heat sink, with no overlapping or compromise. The Corsair is nice in that you don't have to mess around with fluids, hose lengths, etc., just install it and it ready to go.
  3. Initially i was planning to have corsair h70 but the reviews were against it and where-ever i saw noctua nh-d14 compared to corsair h70 , maximum time noctua outperformed corsair h70. Too much noise was also a problem with Corsair h70 hence i thought of going with noctua.

    and see now i am having problem with the pci-e slots covered due to its huge size.. ! :(
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    Hi again,

    What CPU are you using in the GA-P67A-UD7 motherboard? If it's one of the Extremes, the hugh Noctua nh-d14 may well be justified, if it's the 2600K, you can certainly use a less bloated heat sink for cooling.

    One thing you could do, is to measure the CPU and System temperatures when using your computer at max, and see exactly where they are. Can do that in the BIOS or download and run the small utility "CoreTemp" which you can read on screen while playing a game or high end computing. That will tell you if you have "temperature room" buffer to use a smaller heat sink, or not, to reclaim your MB features.

    That would cover the old adage, "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it"!

    The nice thing about building your own computer, is that your are not married to a specific part or component, you can change them depending on your needs, and, we all learn from these kind of choices. What makes hobbies fun.
    Hope that is helpful.

  5. Hey i really liked the way you replied .. :D :D and thanks for the great advice i really dont want to spoil my buid, i will go as i am suggested and find a better way to manage it...

    Thanks for the help :D :D

    as far as i know myself .... i will be going with custom watercooling :D

    Chilled..!! :D :D

    Thanks aGain.. :D :bounce: :sol:
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