Damn! some motherboards dont exist in australia apparently

Had it all researched and sorted, eventually wanted the Gigabyte P55 UD4, and absolutely nowhere has stock, not being made anymore and only the P55A UD4P at 210+ exists..

back to the drawing board....

My plan is to run dual GTX 460s in the future but due to my tight budget im gonna run 1 GTX 460 at the moment

corsair hx 650 for future dual sli
thermal take v5 black edition case
g.skill ripjaws 4gb 1600mhz
core i5 750
gtx 460 1gb
WD 1GB 7200 32mb

OK motherboard to support it all would u choose MSI P55 GD65 OR ASUS P7P55D PRO or ASROCK DELUXE3/EXTREME?

or is there any other tight budget SLI compatible mobos that i havent researched about

http://www.anypc.com.au/ seems to be best prices
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  1. Out of the three listed, I would choose the ASUS P7P55D Pro over the other two boards.
  2. ived checked most of the stores in my area... apparently they dont have ASUS P7P55D in stock and its been discontinued

    any other reccomendations?
  3. This is the best LGA 1156 motherboard IMO... Asus P7P55D-E PRO MB, Socket 1156, P55, 4x DDR3, SATA3, USB3.0, RAID, SLI + CrossFire, Gigabit LAN, ATX, Express Gate.

    If that is to much outside of your budget, I would go with the EVGA LGA1156 P55V 120-LF-E650-TR, EVGA-120-LF-E650 AS. The EVGA board is designed for SLI and from what I read, both slots run at x8, even if only one slot is filled. If you go with this board, I would plan on running SLI sooner than later to get the full benefit of the board and price. Also, the ASRock P55-DELUXE3 M/B - Intel P55, DDR3 2600 (OC), PCIE x16, True 333 (USB 3.0/SATA 3/eSATA 3), RAID, 8-Ch, GB LAN, ATX is another great alternative.
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