CPU usage problems?

Alright first off here are my specs.

ASUS EAH5870's Crossfired
AMD Phenom II x4 965
8 GB of GSkill DDR2 1066 RAM

Now, here's my problem. It isn't much, (most of the time) but I'm having issues with my frame rates and I think it's linked to my CPU usage (maybe). I upgraded from an AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE chip and I also added an extra 5870 recently. I noticed that my frame rate seemed to be worse than before during gameplay (BFBC2 mostly) so I assumed it was a GPU issue. After many benchmarks (that ran fantastic), monitoring my cpu usage/hardware temps (temps are never high), and watching my FPS I realized something. My FPS drops in intervals. Every 5 seconds or so it will go from a solid 60 to 56 (sometimes 46) and then back up to 60 a second later. I watched my CPU usage and it seemed that BFBC2.exe wasn't running at a steady % (ranging from 40% to maybe 60% or 70%) and during the time that the % went down is when my FPS would drop. There are no other services spiking CPU usage at these times. Another problem is when I'm playing Batman Arkham Asylum I get a solid 60 FPS through most of the game but on occasion I drop to 10 - 20 FPS and it refuses to go back up. It isn't only when I'm playing that I notice the FPS intervals either. It happens at loading screens (goes from solid 60 to 56 and back up in intervals) and when I'm staring at a wall in game. Does anybody know what's going on here? I'd really like to know considering I spent and extra 400 bucks on a card when I had a solid 60 FPS without these weird intervals before. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and it doesn't matter if I'm OC'd or at stock everything, it's all the same.
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  1. Try updating your drivers for your radeon cards.

    If they are updated, see if you get the same problem with just one radeon card.
  2. I have the 10.9 drivers and the 10.9 profiles loaded right now. When I get the time I'll use one card at a time and post the results.
  3. visioneer said:
    I have the 10.9 drivers and the 10.9 profiles loaded right now. When I get the time I'll use one card at a time and post the results.

    You don't need to physically uninstall them, just disable crossfire in CCC
  4. Yeah I realized that lol. I don't really know what the issue was but disabling and enabling Catalyst A.I. and Crossfire a few times and showing the crossfire x icon (where applicable) somehow fixed my FPS jumping up and down in intervals. I still started out with around 15 fps in Batman but after killing two thugs and entering the mansion it went back to 60. I think Batman is just balls and I'm assuming that even though my cards were running in crossfire, the profiles weren't being loaded when I started a game. It's these little random complications though, that make me miss Nvidia.
  5. I basically have to disable catalyst a.i., disable crossfire, then enable crossfire, and enable catalyst a.i. every time I reboot. Whatever though, at least I found the ATI loop hole to actually get your hardware to do it's job.
  6. Sigh... Nevermind. It only works once I guess.
  7. I have a solution, *** ATI.
  8. The problem I had with my frame rate jumping up and down was 100% because of ASUS SmartDoctor which you have to use to tweak the voltage of these cards but isn't always necessary. My new PSU didn't solve the issue and I eventually discovered that it was this. If you have this problem too, just use MSI Afterburner for user defined fan controls and small overclocks and if you want to up your voltage use Smartdoctor, close it after you set the voltage, and then open Afterburner. I'm hoping the next driver package fixes this annoying display driver stopped repsonding and recovered crap and the CTD's for no reason during certain games.
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