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  1. Spend $5 more and this would be a better RAM kit:

    Otherwise looks good. Very good. Lol @ first reviewer seen on the HD 5850 page.
  2. Looks good. Good luck!
  3. Should be lookin at a GTX460 in that price range. Better card and runs cooler than 5850. Either the EVGA GTX460 superclock on newegg for 209.99 or the Palit Sonic Platinum 1gb for 249.99 (sold out currently)
  4. Quote:
    Lol @ first reviewer seen on the HD 5850 page.

    just checked it out, and LOL'd. he thinks 63c is a high load temp for a GPU? xD

    at OP, id probably agree with lowrider. the 5850 is only marginally more powerful than a 460. but a fair bit more expensive. right now, i'd go for the 460 in that price range.
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