Wd green showing up as 746Gb vise 3Tb

So a little background first. I have a Asus rampage III formula, 990x, 12Gb of RAM, dual 680s, a 512Gb vertex 4, and 2 3Tb WD green drives, all running on windows 7 x64 ultimate. I previousley had the 2 3Tb in a raid and they worked fine. After upgrading my graphics, SSD, case, and switching to air cooling I ran into problems setting up my raid. When I hit cntrl + I at bootup it shows the drives as being 746Gb. However, everywhere I look in windows it shows 3tb. I've updated all drivers including Intel's rapid storage technology, which I heard could be the problem, but its still happening. Any thoughts or ideas??? Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. is your BIOS compatible with showing the full capacity of a 3TB drive? More specifically, whichever RAID controller is on the motherboard...
  2. Hello,

    That 746Gb is the space above 2.2 TB that a 32 bit partition can't read on your 3 TB drive.
    By chance when you upgraded your OS to the SSD, did you reinstall the OS using an MBR vs a GPT partition style?

    Can check by going to Disk Management, in the lower left graphical column, right click on the Drive, choose properties, then choose the Volume Tab.
    What do the Disk, Type, Status, Partition Style, Capacity state?
    May help pin down the problem.
  3. hi,

    Faced same problem with WD 3tB internal drive (desktop). Will list out the things i did.

    Connect the HDD to a working PC (my case windows xp, 32bit).
    From Disk management (Right click on "My Computer" - Select "Manage"
    Initialize the HDD with GPT partition table.
    create disk with available 750GB and shutdown system.

    Remove the exisiting harddisk (windows xp) and keep the 3TB HDD alone (this is to prevent accidental deletion of the working partitions).
    Boot from a Windows 7 Setup disk
    In "Select disk" screen, the details will be shown as 750GB as first partition and remaining 2TB as unallocated space.
    Make your required drives here. As long as each partition remains below 1TB, it will show in OS.
  4. Had analogue problem : when configuring motherboard to AHCI, you can see the 3TB, when you switch to RAID,you can see 3TB in the RSTe (, but Windows 8 only shows 750GB.
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