USB thumbdrive not recognized after Win 7 scan

The other day I was trying to back up my thumbdrive by saving all of the files into a folder in my Windows 7 PC. An odd thing occurred where it would allow me to move the individual files off of the thumbdrive, but when I tried to move folders it would hang, no error message, no transfer rate message, nothing.

I removed the thumbdrive and re-inserted, then noticed a message saying there are some problems with the thumbdrive and it was asking me if I wanted to scan the drive and fix any errors. I went ahead and did the scan, but after it finished the thumbdrive no longer shows up when I insert it into the PC. The PC still makes the sound when a thumbdrive is being inserted, but the drive won't show up to allow me to view the files, or even format it.

I tried putting this same thumbdrive in my work laptop which is running Windows XP, and it's the same thing. The laptop makes the sound whenever I put in a thumbdrive, but it won't open the drive up and doesn't show up in the My Computer screen.

I have an identical thumbdrive, (both are 4Gb PNY thumbdrives bought from Staples), but the other one works just fine so the problem seems to be specific to the one that I ran the scan on from Windows 7.

Device Manager shows an issue with the USB Mass Storage Device, this exclamation point only shows up when the problem thumbdrive is inserted, if I insert the other drive that is working there is no error message. I've also tried uninstalling the USB Mass Storage Device but the problem persists. Below is a screen shot of the device manager:

Did I just kill my thumbdrive by running this scan? Is there any way I can try to fix this?
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  1. right click on usb mass storage device in device manager
    choose power management
    there is choice
    allow computer to save power
    deselect it
  2. I unchecked that checkbox in all of the USB root hubs, (it wasn't available in USB Mass Storage Device), but still have the same problem. It seems to be an issue specific to the USB thumb drive since 2 PCs can neither see this thumbdrive, but can see another, identical model thumbdrive.

    Is there anything I can do to try to fix this? I just want to know if there is any way I can grab what I had saved on it.
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