which would be the most noticeable upgrade?

$160 on a ssd


$160 on a video card
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  1. The ssd will load everything noticeably faster and access times will be fast.
    However if you have a really bad gpu a new one is just as big of an improvement as the ssd if you currently can't run games you like.
    Kind of a loaded question.
    Which is more important to you gaming or waiting 30 seconds for something to load?
  2. Depends on your current setup and your usage.

    If you already have a decent GPU like a GTS 250/9800GTX+ or 4850 then $150 isnt going to get you a significant upgrade, but if you are running a 4650 and want better gaming then $150 on a GPU will be a huge upgrade.

    If you are using an old 250GB HDD and add an SSD it will improve boot times and load times on just about everything significantly, but if you are already running a few fast HDDs in RAID 0 it wont make quite as much of a difference.

    It all depends, so post your specs and usage and we can be more helpful.
  3. system to be upgraded:

    Phenom II X3 720 BE
    4g ram @ 1600
    segate 7200
    8800gt 512
    650w psu (cf ready)
    790gx chipset - sata II only (MSI G65 mobo)
    windows 7 64

    Windows experience:

    Processor - 6.7 @ 2.8 stock
    Memory - 7.5
    Graphics - 6.9
    Gaming Graphics - 6.9
    Hard disk - 5.2

    so, where should i invest $160.

  4. If you use it mostly for gaming and are using a resolution of 1680x1050 or greater upgrading to a 5770 with that $160 would provide a pretty big boost, if you arent using a large screen your 8800GT probably fares pretty well, so i would go for the SSD in that case.
  5. oh yea, 19" monitor @ 1440 x 900. 8800gt may be enough card for this monitor?

    Mainly internet (Movies, surfing etc) and online games.

    Last hardcore gaming was around Doom3 and Painkiller - not much since then.

    Depending on my budget in the next 3 months - looking to add blu-ray. Should I take this into account?

    Thanks again
  6. If you arent doing full blown games like fallout or GTA and are mostly just playing internet games then your 8800GT is plenty for that resolution and for bluray. Go for the SSD.
  7. Never under estimate the effect of a big juicy display on sheer enjoyment of using a rig so ever considered an LCD upgrade :P
  8. Consider adding a second monitor exactly like the one you already have. Upgrading to a second monitor ihas been one of the most satisfying upgrades I have ever made.

    A larger monitor would be nice, but it is bothersome to drag windows across two different sizes. You should be able to get a 22" for <$150.

    You might be able to get a 24" for <$150 on craig's list.

    I love the performance of SSD, and that would be a great upgrade.
    But, I would hold up on a SSD for a while. This fall should see the launch of gen3 ssd's which will be bigger, faster, and cheaper.
  9. thanks for all the info.

    Think i will go with the ssd. Not much on gaming for now. Can always upgrade the 8800gt if i get back into gaming.

    Anyway, I am looking at this:


    Any other drives in the $160 range I should consider?
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