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CF 16 + 4 =?

my H55 MB have 2 pcie 2.0 slots (16 X and 4 x)
so what does this mean.
also it tell CF enable by software.


1. CF enable by software means it's not real CF or what? (i don't have any knowledge about the hardware
2. i have 4650 OC 1 GB DDR 2 graphic card, so if i buy another 4650 identical one, can i use CF between them (i see no bridge on them)
3. if so, can i get any advantage from this CF.

thanks in advance
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    You can CrossFire two cards but I would not recommend it.
    A 16x/4x configuration will leave the second card quite bandwidth starved leading to very low scaling or, potentially, even lowered performance.

    I would highly recommend getting a single, more powerful, GPU to replace your old 4650 (which, in all honesty, is not worth CrossFireing anyways).
  2. Crossfire functionality is always by software, as it is the drivers that will dictate how the cards will perform in that setup. Generally, most any motherboard with more than one physical PCI-E x16 slot can run crossfire

    x16 + x4 is a limitation for stronger cards. Crossfire requires both cards be equal, so on a x16/x4 mobo, both cards will be treated as being on x4 PCI-E lanes.

    This would be an issue if you were trying to crossfire stronger cards, but I can't imagine a 4650 being hampered much (if at all) by a x4 slot, so if you really want to have a crossfire setup, another 4650 should be fine to add to your system, but I also second outlw6669 in that getting a stronger single card would be a better investment (like a 5670 for example)
  3. get a 5870
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