X7sbl Rais issues

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i have a question. I want to use the on board raid of my X7SBL-N1 Board. But whenn i use a pci raphics card i can't see the boot screen of the raid controller. How do i enter this raid bios?
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  1. Intel ICH9R SATA Controller, 6 connectors for 6 devices with support of RAID • functions 0, 1, 5 and 10 (RAID 5: supported by Intel's RAID Controller in the Windows OS environment only)

    Intel ICH9R System Features
    Note 2: The Intel 3200 chipset does not support add-in graphics cards in the PCI-E interface provided by the Memory Controller Hub (MCH)

    PCI/PCI-E Slots to SMB Speeds
    Jumpers JI2C1/JI2C2 allow you to connect PCI/PCI-Exp. Slots to the System Management Bus. The default setting is open to disable the connection. See the table on the right for jumper settings.

    SATA RAID Enable
    This setting allows you to enable or disable the SATA RAID functionality. The options are Disabled and Enabled.
    ICH RAID CobeBase
    Select Intel to enable the Intel SATA RAID firmware. Select Adaptec to use the Adaptec HostRAID firmware. The options are Intel and Adaptec.
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