I have a 128GB M4 SSD and a 500GB HDD. I am currently using it like so 128GB as OS and 500 GB HDD as storage. I need to reinstall OS due to some complications in OS. So I am wondering if I should switch to 500GB HDD and use 64 GB of the 128 GB SSD as a cache with intel smart response and the other 64GB as some extra storage. Or should I just go back to 128GB+500GB HDD as storage?
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  1. I would keep it like you have it, that way you get 100% performance from the SSD. An HDD with SSD cache still isnt as fast as a stand alone SSD.
  2. Well if you want longevity of the machine, HDD + Cache it'll last longer. If you plan on replacing the SSD or even the whole system in the next 3 or so years, the SSD+HDD whould be fine. you'll also have more space. You could check the health of the drives, using crystal disk info and post the information here so we can see how worn the drive is already.
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    I agree with the above poster(MotherFerJones) and have tried both :)

    The SSD cache is good if you just can not live within the space your SSD gives you. The speed boost will be limited to only things you do often.

    As long as you got windows and your most used app/games on the SSD, I would keep it that way.
  4. My SSD is only a few months old, my whole system is only a few months old so I dount too much wear has been upon them:)

    3/3 says SSD+HDD. So it is then. I really like the SSD speed, and don't want to give it up. Space isn't really a problem yet, maybe in the future, but I will worry about it then. Thank you MotherFerJones, bluebob941, and nukemaster.
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