G31 board, 2 gb ram, pci express, 1600x900 resolution monitor, 2.66 gh

i gt a..
g31 board,
2 gb ram,
pci express,
1600x900 resolution monitor,
2.66 ghz.

I currently have a p4..which iam upgrading to core 2 duo 2.8 ghz.

Thinking economically..which gpu will be d best for gaming purpose.

Iam thinking nvidia geforce 9500gt.

pls advice.
thank u.
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  1. For a dedicated graphics card you need a adequate psu . Give me your full psu details. Also do you mind playing games

    at a lower resolution?
  2. psu specifics-

    230 v
    450 w
  3. well i would'nt actually like to play games on lower resolution
  4. how much power do you have on a 12 volts line. also if you want to play in higher resolution @1600*900 you need a
    new rig.
  5. 15 A on the 12 V line...i can manage in medium resolution.
  6. by current games i mean like farcry 2, stalker, crysis etc.. hope u get d point
  7. First before you purchase your gpu you should first change your psu. For a 9800 gt you need atleast 26amps on the 12v

    line. If your budjet permits youcould get a gts 250 which gives more performance than a 9800gt. I have given some psus

    and a card from newegg. check out and buy.





    9800gt -512mb


    GTS 250 - 512mb

  8. GTX 260 :love:
  9. What is the brand and model of your PSU?
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