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Hello, I just buy an alienware and a 128Gb SSD. The defauld HDD was Raid. I just set the bios to AHCI right before putting the SSD in the first bay (the hdd is out at this moment). I'm doing a clean fresh install in the SSD (ahci) and I'd like to put the HDD (which was in raid) in the second bay, like as a slave harddrive, it's that ok? or I'll get problems?

IN SHORT: I have 1 HDD in raid (my alienware default) and now I want 1 SSD in AHCI to load windows and programs, and the initial HDD as secondary storage device. what should I do?
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    RAID would imply that there were multiple drives. If there was only one drive, RAID defaulted to AHCI mode, so by changing it to AHCI mode you are doing nothing. You should be okay to do what you are saying.
  2. Thanks for the incredibly fast reply.

    So everything is ok, great! thank you!. When I finish installing drivers, I will put the HDD in the secondary bay and post the results.
  3. Well, now I have both (SSD+HDD) IN the laptop, and everything works great, thank you!
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