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Im having problems with my memory slots after a failed BIOS update. I initially tried to update my BIOS on a BIOSTAR TP45D2-A7 ver6 motherboard. When i rebooted it was giving me an overclock error and then when trying to boot windows was cblue screening.

I went into the emergency BIOS repair utility on the board and reloaded a newer BIOS succesfully. Following this I was able to boot to windows although intermittent BSOD have continued.

I have 4 RAM slots with 2 modules of Corsair DDR2 2GB (CM2X2048-6400C4DHX). I used memtest to test the RAM and am getting some very strange results.

Slot 1 gives memory errors with either RAM module installed
Slot 2 gives no memory errors with either module installed
Slot 3 gives no memory errors with either module installed
Slot4 gives no memory errors with either module installed

However when i put both memory modules in slot 2 and 4 i immediatly get memory errors.

Can anyone help me with this, could a bad flash have caused my memory slots to go bad ?

Thanks PAul.
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  1. Start by manually setting the ram voltage in the bios. Check your specs; it may be as high as 2.1 volts. And be sure your memory mapping setting is enabled. Some newer boards use the term "unganged" which may refer to another spec.
  2. A common mistake people make when upgrading the BIOS is in not clearing the CMOS memory, did you?
  3. Thanks,

    I couldnt find a setting in the BIOS to set exact voltage, (mem module has 2.1V written on side) but there was a setting to increase Memory Voltage by various increments the maximum was +.70 so i have done this, it seems to have worked as memtest has just completed its first pass with no errors, will run several more passes and update.

    Also i notice in memtest the settings for the RAM are as follows: 398MHZ(DDR797) / CAS : 5-5-5-15 / Dual Channel

    However on the side of the module settings are stated as 2.1V and 4-4-4-12 should i try and change these settings as well ?

    Thanks Paul.
  4. No. Don't press your luck. If your ram passes memtest, then I would leave it alone for awhile. I always let the board bios select the timings in auto.
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