Hd4850 with Accelero S1 Rev 2 running hot...

So I just installed this thing onto my Radeon HD4850 with the Turbo Fans you can buy for it.

I opened CCC to check temps and it seems to idle around 47-49 degrees, which seems a little high. When I play EVE Online, It jumps to around 70-80.

The problem though now, is that when I last had EVE going, I started getting some error along the lines of:

"Amdkmdap stopped responding and has succesfully recovered"

The game would freeze, black screen for a few seconds, then come back like nothing happened. Is this a heat problem and I just put the Accelero on wrong? I haven't done anything with fan speed, should I try to get the fan speed up? I never had this problem before with the stock cooling. It started as soon as I got this thing going. I ran Maplestory and was fine, but EVE killed it.

I had to use Artic Thermal Adhesive on the Ram heatsinks to get them to stay on (and no, I didn't use the adhesive as thermal paste anywhere else). I'm afraid that maybe I didn't clean the card well enough, or used too much adhesive. If I did, my card is shot right? Those things aren't coming off now.

I'm going to pull the thing off and reinstall it just to make sure it's on right. I'm really afraid that it's a mess up on the ram sinks though and that my card is done...
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  1. Quick bump before lunch break.
  2. You had problems with the card when you had the original cooling?
  3. Not anything serious. It just ran loud. Never overheated or anything.
  4. Your temps are OK (could be lower but not to high). It is possible that the card did not like to be handled and is on the way out. Check your thermal adhesive and see if you have any excessive touching the PCB that you could clean out.
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