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hello i just recently build a pc. Asus p6t SE MB, 6gb G.skill ram, Thermaltake armor+ LCS, Front, Side, intake fan, back and top blowing out, Nvidia GTX 460 fermi video card, artic silver thermal paste. idk why my idle temps are 47-53c somethimes jumps to 63 idles and when i play games reached 70 and prime 82 when and then my pc shut down. could it be the liquid cooling system? should i buy a fan heatsink? all parts are brand new i even RMA video card cpu and MB. And still reads high temps im not sure what do to. i even change PS. i have no idea what is causing it to heat up.
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  1. 80ºC is normal for a 100% CPU's bombardment from a very long time but not so good.

    More info please, CPU type, OS(XP,Vista,7), water cooling(I guess its overcloaked but what's the ratio?).

    Is there anyway that you could post a screenshot of your BIOS's Tweiker tab or use CPUz(google it with +cnet)?
  2. its intel core i7 930 windows 7 ultmate. idkinabout 10 mins cpu reches 82C and it shut down. im not ure which water coling it is its the original one that came with the case thermaltake arm o+ LCS VH600lbws

  3. and heres my idle temp

  4. =/ 66C load 34.6% when playig dragon age
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