Asus 5770 randomly shutting down after start up

Hey, This has been going on for about a week now and i can't seem to figure out the problem.


AMD 965 3.4ghz Processor

Asus CrossHair III Formula MOBO

8 gigs of ddr3 1333mhz

Asus cucore 5770

Thermaltake Evo Blue 750w PSU

Coolermaster HAF 922 Case

Windows 7 64 bit

Monitor: Asus VH242 LCD monitor
23.6" (1920X1080)

After start up screen goes black and states no input detected. some times it does it a few seconds after windows load other times it lasts a few min. Drivers are up to date. It will run in safe mode
I'd prefer not to have to do a fresh install i would have days of downloading to do :(
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  1. could be a mobo, ram, and/or psu issue :heink:
  2. have u overclocked ur gfx card?
  3. no everything is at their stick settings
  4. Sounds like a driver issue. IMO boot in safe mode and run Driver Sweeper to delete all ATI related drivers (hopefully you already have the driver package downloaded) then reboot normally and install it.

    I installed 10.6 and got BSOD at loading about 5 times in a row... did a sweep in safe mode, reinstalled, and it's all good now. Hope this helps.
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