What part should I focus mainly for a movie/streaming desktop?

Hey, I decided to build a computer instead of just buying one from future shop/newegg just to try things. My sister is looking for a computer that is used mainly for movies, streaming, multi tasking etc. I know in a gaming rig, the video card/ram is most important. However, for a system built mainly for movies, streaming, what parts would I need to focus on? My budget is $500.
I heard alot about the Rana triple core mobo, just wondering if people would recommend that.
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  1. Err even post 2008 IGP like HD3200 (on 780G) and GF8200 are good to go for HD DVD/Blu Ray movie duty so those would be a good starting point. For her needs i would say

    Regor X2
    2GB DDR3
    785G/SB 710/2 dimm

    Encode + Multi task + future tech/connectivity
    Rana X3/Propus X4
    880G/SB 850 SATA 6GB/s + USB 3.0//4 dimm
    4gb ddr3

    Run @ stock and under volt ftw!80+ 300+ w PSU
  2. Is it worth building a computer for $500 if purchasing Windows 7 costs around $100 itself?
    I forgot about that part lol
  3. Yes it is - u get to hand pick quality hardware Btw @ $255AR we have....
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