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In a new build, I'm going to be running a phenom 2 940, 6 gigs of ddr2 1066 on a gigabyte 785G am2+ mobo -

My question is, will I see too much cpu bottlenecking to justify buying a card like a hd 5850?
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  1. To elaborate, this is going to be my first build, and i'm largely doing it to experiment with overclocking, I'm going to be using a thermaltake frio cpu cooler and my case lets me install 4 fans on the side panel to blow directly on the graphics card, so cooling isn't going to be an issue.

    I'd like to go with a card like a 5850 to get some serious performance, but if the cpu is going to be a bottleneck, I can get something like a 4870 or a 5770 for around half the price
  2. HD5850 will fit very well with your build!
  3. I appreciate the response, rolli!
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