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:hello: Hello, i have seen on more then one thread here on toms or other sites where people made a recommendation of a video card based on the screen size.

So my question is, does the screen size influence in any way the fluidity of the game, do you get lower fps on a bigger screen then on a smaller one at the same resolution?

I have a 32'' 1920x1080 display and my question is based on that resolution.

Would i get more fps on a 22-24" screen and less fps on a 40-50'' display?

My personal opinion is that no matter what size the screen is, at the same resolution you get the same fps. :sol:
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  1. Same resolution, Same FPS.

    Your video card in conjunction with the rest of your computer is processing the images and spitting them out at a specified resolution for your display. It is then your displays job (IE: Your monitor) to push that picture onto whatever size monitor/tv you have. As long as it's the same resolution, I HIGHLY doubt you would notice any difference in framerate.
  2. Screen size does not matter. It is the resolution that is important.

    The performance on a 24" 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor will be the same 102" 1920 x 1200 monitor / screen.
  3. On a quick follow up, some people may recommend certain cards depending on screen type. EX: If you have a huge High Def tv, you may want to get a card that has an HDMI output on it for better picture quality.
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