Any chance of recovery?

The Samsung I was using as my main disk gave out. SMART registered bad, but I couldn't get a replacement and copy the entire drive before the drive just stopped being detected by the BIOS all together. I was able to save a few things, but there's still a lot on it that I'd really like to recover.

I took video of it with the cover off, in a USB dock:

Is there anything I could possibly do to recover some, if not all, of my data? Scrapping another identical drive for parts, maybe? What typically causes the head to go bad?
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  1. You won't be able to fix the head if that is what went bad. If the drive will not spin up and run, your only real hope is a data recovery service. It is expensive, and not a guarantee. This is why backups are important - even if there are no issues.
  2. It spins up. I guess it's not the head, but the actuator arm. It's just ticking to the middle of the platters and sort of drifting out about mid-way. You can see what I mean in the video.
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