CPU memory supported. 1600?

i am in the process of upgrading my system. upgrading the board, cpu and ram. just got my board, just ordered ddr3 ram, and about to order intel cpu. my main concern is that the ram i ordered will not be supported by the cpu. i know my board supports the 1600mhz corsair dominators, but not sure if the cpu will. im looking into the i5 760 lynnfield 2.8 quad core. dont want to buy this last piece and find out i cant run my system.

and if the ram is not supported, is there a site i can go to to see what cpu's support what speeds of memory.

one more question. would the system even be able to run with the 1600 on the i5 i want and just not to its full potential?

any kind of suggestions would greatly help
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  1. Hello. There is not much problem with CPU support, you only have to worry about the board. If it is supported by the board then you really don't have a problem.

    You will have to change settings to get it to run at 1600MHz. Though it does not really net any performance. So if you are not going to be OCing much then I would suggest getting 1333MHz.

    Also the dominators are not really required for normal use and they have a high price. I would instead get some G.Skill ripjaws or Mushkins.

    Hope that helps.
  2. thanks. i will oc it, so any idea on where the settings would be?
  3. Ok well I'm not overly sure about the P55 and i7 but this is what my system is like with my H57 and i3.

    There is a main "Base Clock" which at stock is 133MHz. Now both RAM and CPU come of this with a "Multiplier".

    For example a i7 930 (I think) has a 22x multiplier, so 22 X 133 = 2926MHz = 2.9GHz. This is the clock speed. The multiplier can be changed, down but not up.

    Now the RAM also has a multiplier which has a default of 10x. Which means the RAM will run at 10 X 133 = 1333MHz at stock. 10 is the highest multiplier available so the RAM cannot be run at 1600MHz with a stock base clock.

    Are you following so far?

    Therefore to run it at 1600MHz you need to up the base clock to 160MHz. But recall that this will also change the CPUs speed (thus OCing it) and you may not want to OC. So you would need to lower the multiplier to lower the clock speed of the CPU.

    For example with the same i7 930:
    160 X 22 = 3520MHz = 3.5GHz
    This is a pretty heavy OC and would require some OCing knowledge and an aftermarket cooler. So instead you lower the CPU speed by lowering the multiplier:
    160 X 18 = 2880MHz = 2.9GHz

    To increase the base clock voltage is required though for a small base clock increase like to 160 it is not required. I believe my H57 could go all the way to 190 or so without a voltage increase.

    Did you follow that? Hope it helps.
  4. yea. makes sense. thanks. been a great help
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