P67 vs. Z68 quick question!

Hello everyone!

Quick question here...

I'm planning on building an enthusiast PC
and I'll be using it for the following purposes:

1. Gaming (WoW, Rift, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, etc.)
2. Work (Adobe CS5+, a lot of PS and Illustrator, plus some AE and Premiere every now and then.)
3. Multipurpose (mail, web surfing, etc.)

I need it to last at least 4 to 5 years.

So, taking my needs into consideration,
would you say I could better use a P67 or a Z68 chipset mobo?

What would benefit me the most?

Thank you all in advance! :)
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    Why get P67 when you can get a Z68? There is not a big price difference, and you preserve your options to use some Z68 capabilities.

    The most likely one is the use of the SSD cacheing capability.

    If you ever have an application that can use quick-sync, then Z68 is a winner there also.

    I see no negatives for a Z68.
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