Enermax Staray Case Problem

I bought an Enermax Staray case, and it's awesome. But there are 2 led fans on the side that don't light unless I open the case, and click the switches. That'd be fine if they didn't shut off during shut down. So everytime I boot I need to open the case and manually turn on the fans, it's annoying and I was wondering if theres a way to keep the lights on permanently while booted, or get the very short switch cables onto the exterior of the case for easy access.
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  1. That's a poorly designed case there.

    If you're willing to do some wiring you can extend the length of the switch cable. Cut on one side of switch, both if needed, Strip, twist and then re-cover.

    You'll need a wire stripper of correct gauge, wire cutter, spare wire of same gauge, and some electrical tape.

    Shouldn't do this if you've never done any cable wiring before though.
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