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Hi all,

I have a micro-atx machine in a Silverstone Sugo SB04-BH case, the processor is an I5 with the stock cooler in it (which fits in just fine).

I was just wondering if this cooler would be fine size wise in the case. The reason i ask is because the PSU is positioned beside the motherboard, not above or below it as is convention. Does anyone know the size of the stock Intel cooler and if so is it shorter or higher than 6.4cm?

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  1. Hello Griffolion;

    It should fit. Silverstone suggests the 82mm tall NT06-E CPU cooler that butts up to the PSU fan. See the link for the pictures and details.

    SilverStone Sugo SG04 SFF Case Video Review @ about 3 minutes through the video they talk about the clearances for coolers.

    That Scythe Shuriken is looking like a good option.
  2. Thanks WR2, much appreciated.
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