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I do video editing and Photoshop. I want to upgrade my hard drive situation for overall system speed improvement (but especially for the rendering speed increase). I have a SATA II data transfer bottleneck (300MB/sec max transfer rate) with my Asus P6T Deluxe Version 2 (or “P6T2”); with a Core i7 920 w/ 6GB of Triple Channel Ram (could have listed the ram speed but it's negligible in the impact so please look past leaving out this detail here). My current boot drive is a 60GB OCZ Vertex (1st generation) SSD & am using Win 7 professional 64bit.
My first excitement of locating a great SSD like the SATA III OCZ Vertex 4 had to be scrapped due my SATA II bottleneck. of my X58 Mobo. I am becoming jealous with all the deals on SSD’s now-a-days as well as thirst to buy an insanely fast PCI-e Revodrive card to boot my rig from. Either that, or I am tossing around the idea of an add-in PCI-e RAID card that I can (hopefully??) attach a group of SSD’s onto to overcome and exceed the 300MB ceiling I am up against. I hope my idea on the RAID card is an option since PCI-e Revodrive seemed like my only option until I started thinking that alternate PCI-e card solutions may be something to look into as well.
I want to increase the time it takes to render videos (without OC’ing my air-cooled CPU) and so spreading the work over multiple drives is what I want to have happen. I have two different 1GB 7200 hard drives and am hoping I find that my mobo can boot over PCI-e (via some bios upgrade); and for the sake of locating that my Mobo can boot over PCI-e; is there an add-in RAID card where I can gain higher (than 300MB/sec Sata II) transfer rates; or is there another approach I could use to get more performance out of my currently aging RIG? I just hate “puppy-dogging” my machine and throwing good money at what was a pretty decent machine back in the day is what all computer users face . If it matters for specs I use an Asus 4870 512MB GPU.
Any advice would be much appreciated on ideas on what I could consider for upgrades (I can pick up 12GB of Triple Channel Ram for about $60; and the Revodrive 120 GB drive is around $100). Is the add-in RAID card a good idea? And sorry for rambling on with so many different options at my disposal (to try and research each is becoming a search in the never ending maze )… I just didn’t know where to start. Please help
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  1. So what does one do when the 300MB/sec limitation of the Sata II bus is holding me back (without a major overhaul such as CPU or a Mobo replacement) for improving Rendering time? Is there a PCI-e RAID card I can get to achieve higher than the max SATA II 300MB/sec. And help would be appreciated.
  2. If i only had the money , i would have buy and PCI-e SSD for sure . One from ocz or intel But thats only my opinion
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