1TB external hard drive with no power supply, USb 3/seagate /western digital/,ex

I need external 1 tb hdd with following specification pls help

item-1 tb external hdd without additional power supply
application-external storage for pc and laptop
type-box packed
power -usb connection
connectivity-usb 3(should be compatible with usb 2)
date transfer rate-min 480 mega bits/sec
operating systme-windows server 2008/win XP/Win7/linux
make-Seagate/Western digital.
Warranty- 5 years manufacture warranty
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I'm pretty sure at this time you will not be able to find such an item. The problem lies within the voltages required. USB is limited to 5v, a HDD requires 12v, that's why the externals all come with a power pack.
  2. Feel free to google 2.5" external HDD's from either Seagate or WD.
    All they require is a USB connection or two without the requirement of an external power adapter.
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