Ati hd 3870 Underpower 450Watt?

Hey guys i'm fixing a relative's pc, (gateway desktop) the video card went on it, I have a spare card laying around ati hd 3870, the system req. is a 450watt psu, but the one in the pc is only 300watt, they dont play 3d games on it, mostly movies and other desktop application, do you think i can still use it without any chance of damaging other hardware in the future? thanks.


(specs say 350 watt, but i opened it up and it said 300 watt)
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  1. it will be fine until they try to play a game....
  2. If the psu is quality and doesn't have a 100w+ cpu installed then you should be fine. I personally own a 3870 and they barely use 80w under load. Just be sure to keep it clean either wise it will overheat over time.
  3. it looks like some no name brand that gateway tossed inside, the cpu is a AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4200+ dual-core processor . I should still be good, do u think its worth taking a chance. they've told me they dont want to spend anymore money on this thing, unless they absolutely have to. lol.
  4. If the psu is made by Delta electronics since those are as good as OEM units get with out being complete crap.
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