Building a net-office-dual monitor only pc

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    For the love of God, do not get a Seagate 7200.11 refurbished. They are garbage new, I can only imagine refurbs.

    7200.12 is much much better, 7200.11 is known for the awful click of death. I beg of you, please don't get the 7200.11 refurb.
  2. Ok I'll go for the samsung spinpoint for a few bucks more. Any idea which GPU I could get that would fit the 300W PSU and allow dual-monitor support?
  3. Most actually I'll take a look in a bit
  4. I'd get this GPU:

    And I'd definately go Win7. But if this is for office use, talk to your IT guy, unless you're him.
  5. It's for my father. He has a copy of WinXP but I'd like to eventually give him win7.

    Is 2g enough for a system in win7? If yes, will it be slow and choppy?
  6. Link isn't working, is it a radeon 4650?
  7. Yeah a 4650. It's a 512 MB one. On the cheap
  8. If it's just surfing the web 2GB should be ok.
  9. You know how some systems operate clunky under XP? My friends laptop is like this, every thing you do is just slow, opening a file, opening a folder, etc - everything is slow as ***. Even opening firefox takes like 15 seconds.

    This is what I don't want.
  10. cmcghee358 said:
    Yeah a 4650. It's a 512 MB one. On the cheap

    As long as it can connect two monitors I'm sure it's okay. The pc won't be for gaming at all.
  11. As long as you're installing the OS, just install the basic stuff. All I install is Firefox, AVF Free, Adobe Reader. MS Office in your case.

    Most peoples computers are slow because they click, download and install every single link they see.
  12. So basically having 4g or 2g of ram on this type of system won't improve performance?
  13. I think there will be an improvement if he opens say Word, Outlook and like 5 web browsers at once.

    I personally would go with 4 GB if you can spare it. It would certainly future proof the build a bit more. Also, it's one less resource you can pretty much never worry about.
  14. As I thought. Alright thanks for your help.
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  16. " For the LOVE of GOD ! "

    = AMEN !!! =
  17. Definitely got for 4G and a 64bit OS.
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