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Upgrade time. Why? My motherboard died for mysterious reasons. Keep in mind this is a 3 year old rig.


- PSU: OCZ Game X Stream 600 Watts
- CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo e6750 @ 2.66 GHz, 4 MB L2 Cache, 65 nm
- GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, 512 MB, Superclocked version
- RAM: G.Skill 2 x 2 GB (4 GB) DDR2 1066 MHz Memory

(I do not plan on upgrading the rest of the components, no real point)

What it needs to handle

- Gaming: Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Source Games, Starcraft 2, etc...
- Media: Encoding, converting, etc...
- Multitasking: Several Chrome tabs, instant messaging, music playing, scanning pictures/files, etc...

So far I'm thinking
- i5 760 + ATI 5770 (Will this be be strong and last me 2-3 years?).
- No clue about which DDR3 RAM to get or motherboard


Flexible, let's start around $600. (I know how these things work... you add this, then that, yadda yadda, boom bam bing and you're over $9,000!) :)


Thanks in advance!
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  1. Here's two choices of what I'd do with $600.


    CPU/Mobo: X4 955 and Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 $285 after rebate (with free game)
    RAM: G.Skill Eco 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $105
    GPU: GTX 460 1 GB $230 (with free game)

    Total: $620. The X4 955 is cheaper (by about $100 counting the board) thant he i5, has a better upgrade path in that it actually has one, and performs only slightly less (which doesn't really matter for gaming). The 460 is a lot more powerful than the 5770, and has an excellent upgrade path. It's literally the only nVidia card I'd recommend right now.


    CPU/Mobo: X3 440 and Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 $183 after rebate
    RAM: G.Skill Eco 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $105
    GPU: HD 5850 $285

    Total: $573. Again, a weaker CPU, but it's powerful enough for gaming, especially if you overclock and unlock it. The 5850 is even better, and still has a great upgrade path.
  2. Very interesting, I like what I'm seeing!

    I will make a list of options and narrow it down, then ask for your final suggestions on the matter.

    Thanks, keep the suggestions coming!
  3. Second build by Mad is the better choice. You can not SLI the GTX 260 on that mobo, or any mobo with AMD chipset for that matter. You'd require a mobo with a Nvidia chipset, which will work, but is not supported by AMD if there are ever issue.
  4. Crap. I keep forgetting that board doesn't allow SLI. Been looking at ATI cards exclusively for too long. Here's a board that's advertised to do SLI for $10 less:

    Asus M4N98TD EVO and X4 955 $275.
  5. What are you working with for a power supply?

    I'm liking Mad Admiral's #2 option.
  6. My power supply is currently: OCZ Game X Stream 600 Watts.

    Would I need to upgrade it for i5/Phenom II & ati 5000 series/nvidia gtx 400 series?
  7. Not for a single one. If you wanted to add a second later, you'd need to get a larger unit.
  8. Here is a Core i5 760 option:
    Core i5-760 Lynnfield 2.8GHz combo w/ GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P SLI MB $355 after $25 combo discount and $15 rebate.
    G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600 CL7 $105
    GTX 460 1GB $230

    Total $690

    The same combo deal with the i5 750 is only $10 less
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