10.6 still has high settings for 2d?

I remember installing 10.5 a while ago and seeing my idle temps rise nearly 10c as ATI decided to force higher frequencies for card in idel/2d mode. I went back to 10.4 and my lower 32c idle temps.

Now I know that 10.6 is out, does anyone know if still has the same (higher) frequencies for idle/2d mode? If so does anyone know a way to modify this on the user end? I don't want to be stuck with 10.4 forever :(
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  1. 10.5 never forced permanent high clocks. It only does it sometimes. I am not sure about the parameters but it seems like the clocks would up to 400/900 when you are doing more intensive 2D applications like video streaming or playing games in 2D mode.

    There were complaints of dreadful performance and crashes in 2D mode because 157/300 isn't enough for a lot of 2D applications.

    This is of course the default profile. You can change how the clocks are set to your needs.
  2. Not true, doing the same thing (nothing) 10.5 set my setting to 400/1200 when 14.4 has them at 157/300.

    How can I change my default profile? I never had problems with 157/300 so if i can get those setting to work in 10.6 it would be perfect.
  3. Maybe the driver was doing the settings on a per model basis.
    Was it only 5770's ?
    The way I view this is, it MUST effect idle power consumption. I'd love to see a review site, note this and test the idle power , differences.
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